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    Electrician Plus

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    I was over on a bushcraft forum where the Alox Farmer is one of the Go To knives and I noted that I hadn't seen the Electrician Plus mentioned. I thought it would be a good choice because the sheepfoot blade is about perfect for carving notches. Several people mentioned that they were going to look for one. I was going to mention SwissBianco but I checked first and they don't seem to be available there or anywhere else.

    I see that there are Electricians in just about ever color Alox, but no Pluses(?) with the saw blade. Is there going to be another run of them soon?

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    thanks for the suggestion, victorinox does not work on the quest of the best swiss knife anymore and therefore such a model will not be made anytime soon. we work on a better alternative and in time we will see what variations we will offer.

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    Thanks for your response. I'll be hanging on to my E-plus then and letting the bushcrafters know.

    "...victorinox does not work on the quest of the best swiss knife anymore..." Sort of a funny cooperate goal.

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    I have one that I don't use, only used a couple times. I thought I would have gotten more use out of it, it really is a nice knife.

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    I didn't know the Electrician Plus existed when I was working as an electrician but I always had a tool pouch on and I wouldn't have used it. As part of a "Nessmuk Trio" of sheath knife, pocket knife and axe/hatchet, I think it is a good combination of bushcraft tools.
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