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Thread: Knife show in Vegas... Labor Day Weekend

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    Knife show in Vegas... Labor Day Weekend

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    Sorry haven't posted here in a while thought I would share a bit of info and photos of the knives I will have with me at the Show in Vegas!

    Been working on a really fun project with Eric Ochs for over a year now... he took my UTrap Karambit design and worked it into a folder. I spent some time with him in Oregon a few months ago and just now finishing up the "KlawRambits" ... Love this Collaboration! These will be available at the show!

    Here are some of the UTrap Karambits I will have available at the show

    This UTrap is owned by David Brown... Love the "Leather" Print Kydex sheath

    few Blades that are already sold I am taking to the show
    Guardless Fighter for Zach Wood

    This is one of my KhukFighters

    Love to hear your thoughts!! and see if anyone is hanging out in this neck of the Woods
    ... Ryan
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    Looking for Buck folding Kalingas.
    Very nice. I love the one with the copper or brass ring.
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    Beautiful blades Ryan, cant wait to get my hands on one of those UTraps!!!
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