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Thread: Trench bowie one off

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    Trench bowie one off

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    Hey guys! So I've been on kind of an old school kick lately, looking at a lot of cutlass, military and especially WWII blades.
    This is my version of a trench knife. The 9.5" blade is CPM 3V with a large fuller to help balance it out. The guard is wrought iron and the handle is some of my vintage black micarta (from the 60's).
    I really don't a lot of sculpted hidden tangs, partly because there are so many makers that just nail them, and partly because I am focused on other styles. This is only my third one probably.

    The sheath is also an old school style, but I also made it capable of being mounted with a Tek Lok or molle lok. It is all hand stitched, dyed and waxed.

    Pretty pleased with the whole package.

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    I love your Japanese-style pieces but this is maybe my favorite......just phenomenal my friend!!!!!

    Rest in Peace my friend...see you on the other side.


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    I agree with Dudley. Pretty darn incredible. Every nano meter of that knife speaks to me.

    If there is a Seattle show next year, and you're going, you'll have to at least have one on the table. Mike

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    Man I love that knife!

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