I find myself with an extra sheath. Its for a Production MOAB. Come to find out that there is quite a difference between certain models of the MOAB. This sheath was built on the dimensions of the production CG. This one has a dangler loop and two flat loops on the back. Color is dark brown, and has a finish that has a very muted shine, I am more than happy to put a coat of hard wax on it to shine it up if desired.

I will provide the measurements of the pattern I used for this one so we can make sure it will fit your knife properly. I did find out that this model was made in two thicknesses maybe three. This one is approx between the 5/16 and the slightly thicker model. It will also accommodate the thinner model as well.

Apologies, I went to get the pictures and cant find where I put them! I will get new pics up tomorrow

Very important, this is a LEFT HANDED sheath.

I will be asking the discounted price of 150.00 plus shipping