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Thread: Sword ID

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    Sword ID

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    My friend picked this up at an estate sale in South Carolina. the only information he got when he bought it was that it was from the 1800's. Any ideas?

    We are thinking it might just be a blacksmith's show piece and not an actual sword.

    thanks for your help

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    Maybe a cooking spit?

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    I concur with the idea of it being some sort of one off blacksmith made something or other. I've never seen any historical piece (or otherwise for that matter) that looks even remotely like this. I have seen plenty of decorative ironwork done by blacksmith's however that looks like this. Notably blacksmiths did not make swords.

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    The item does not look like a practical sword. It lacks a grip and appears to have never been sharpened or ground. It's construction seems to he more of a spike than a sword. Those flanges down the main blade by the "guard" I have never seen on any sword I know.

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    A fire poker by a blacksmith/farrier, who, at least with this item, wasn't competing with factory swords.

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    +1 on it being a spit-though it could be a blacksmithy wallhanger.
    That loop at the top was a pretty popular finial in the ornamental blacksmithing crowd when I was still doing it
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    I think it's a stake of some sort. Push it in, then use the guard to "stomp it in". Tie horses or tents in windy areas to the top ring.

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