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Thread: Build vs Buy

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    Build vs Buy

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    So this christmas I was able to get some money money together to either build or buy a propane forge. If I buy can anyone recommend one $300 or under. I was looking at one from Devil Forge and it sounded good. If I build one, does anyone know a simple two burner forge plan they can point me toward?

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    Probably be good to ask this over in Shop Talk. A propane forge is fairly simple to build. I use a single burner for all of my forging; you can only forge a small section in each heat, and I don't do forge welding, so a single burner does all I need.

    I recommend the burner kits from Zoeller Forge, and there are examples of forges on his website. A propane forge essentially needs a burner and a shell to give shape to the insulation and provide a support for mounting the burner. I've made them from paint cans and coffee cans before.
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