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Thread: Teen Agni Jowala Sword and Rsty SD Knife for 2/16

  1. Teen Agni Jowala Sword and Rsty SD Knife for 2/16

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    Those Sword and Knife arrived here today.
    Here they are

    18 3/4 inch 21 ounce villager fit and finish Teen Agni Jowala Sword by Kumar. Horn and stag antler combination handle. Brass guard, bolster and buttcap. Another beautiful work by Kumar. Add to your ongoing collection at $225.

    7 3/4'' 3 ounce Rusty SD knife by Kumar. Neem wood handle. $85.

    Email to [email protected] to get one or both
    First come first served

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    Magnificent work by Kumar as usual! Sadly, I have both already!

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    I wish I could afford a flaming zombie slaying sword. Kumar is masterful.

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