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Thread: No more Wetterlings?

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    It's a shame, I've been wanting to pick up a couple Wetterlings models for a while now. Seems like every model I search for is out of stock or jumped in price....Luckily, I picked up a vintage one at least. I'd kill to get their maul before they disappear.
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    Odd way for a company to get promotion but if this gets Wetterlings some press and publicity perhaps their goods will live on through the next owner (and user of the former workers and facilities).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffbird View Post
    This is a shame. Wetterling's handle shape is more comfortable to me than GB. After trying a Wetterlings, I sold my GB's. Wetterlings sheathes though never fit right and need attention. The Les Stroud design is unique to Wetterlings and stays in my truck for a handy do everything tool. Hopefully GB will pick up the design.
    I feel the same way, Wetterlings just felt better in my hands than the GB's. I am very saddened to see them stop production! I had the Les Stroud Bushman as well but regrettably sold it a few years ago. I still have their Scandinavian Forest Axe which I bought right before they stopped making that model and which I will NEVER sell!

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