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Thread: Emerson wave, real world utility

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    Emerson wave, real world utility

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    Full disclosure: I'm not an Emerson guy, but the wave function is intriguing. I need advice from guys that actually use the wave "nub"

    Long story short. I have a BM griptilian with the thumb hole. The knife has been customized (G-10 scales, polished...etc). Because I can pull back on the lock mechanism it's a centrifugal opener. Easy peasy

    Honestly, is it worth modifying the blade to do the pocket catch-open? I have a lanyard that allows me to place the knife in my hand and swing open,A gravity drop for blade out, a swing for blade in.

    Is it worthwhile to grind out an "emerson wave". I never use the thumb hole.

    Is is a pain in the ass to have a "wave" if you only want to pull it out of your pocket. I.e. not draw but have in hand.

    I'm honestly looking for the Emerson wave guys that say it's a pain in the ass, UNTIL......

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    You could try the zip tie trick to try it out without potentially ruining your knife.

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    Wave capable knives are best kept to knives that use a detent ball to keep the knife closed. I have had many Benchmades and the axis lock will allow the blade to be pulled easily so it's not a good idea to have the wave but folks have been fine with the Spyderco lockback knives with the wave so... it's hard to say if it will be safe. The ziptie around the thumbhole is a great way to try without modifying anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nine4t4 View Post
    Is is a pain in the ass to have a "wave" if you only want to pull it out of your pocket. I.e. not draw but have in hand.
    In 7 months of daily carry and regular use, I've never accidentally caught the wave on mine when drawing the knife from my pocket. The minor hand adjustment required to draw without snagging it is so trivial that the learning curve is basically flat.
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    i like the look of the wave more than using it. the opposite of most. emersons wave designs make it easy to pull knife without using the wave if you dont want to. you typically have to do a proper movement and motion pattern to get it to work.

    i dont feel its needed and not worth modifying a blade to do it, but thats me. i can pull and open it almost as fast as using the wave. close enough i get no real advantage using the wave, unless i was in a quick open knife competition...then that 10th of a second or so would make the wave a winner.

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    My honest opinion.. Don't modify your Benchmade.

    Just buy an Emerson.

    It doesn't take too long to get used to learn how to wave or to not wave. Once you can get the function down, it definitely makes it more worthy

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    Get a waved Emerson

    The "wave shaped feature" is fantastic. Works great for EDC uses and, if you want to open via thumb stud or flip, is easily not activated. I have carried waved Emersons almost every day since the Commander came out and the system just works. OTOH, I have never found a competing wave substitute (Dremel-ed Spyderco hole, cable tie, doubled cable tie, modified thumb stud) that worked even half as well.

    My suggestion would be to find a waved Emerson model that appeals to you and try it out - I bet it will live in your pocket from that day forward.

    Good luck,
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