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Thread: Think this one's worth the effort?

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    Think this one's worth the effort?

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    I found this unmarked head in Dad's shed. I couldn't resist cleaning it up a little.

    But as you can see, it's been worn quite a bit and has a thicker edge.

    Overall, the geometry seems pretty similar to a (presumed) Woodslasher boy's axe I have, except it looks like it's missing more than an inch of steel:

    I think I'll go ahead and mount it, but am trying to decide if it's worth the effort to thin and reshape the haft, or use up one of the precious few I've got with good grain. I'm tempted to just stick in on an off-the-rack hardware store haft & just keep it as a splitter. What say ye? Would you put in the work to give it a nice classic helve?

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    It's a good axe with that high centerline. Either file it back for felling/bucking, or use as-is a splitter. Either way it's very likely a high quality axe.

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    I think you have a good plan. Stick it on a decent hardware store haft and put it to work.

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    Yes, great user.

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    Looks like it will make as solid and efficient axe as most that come through here – marked or not.

    A comfortable/shaped/solid handle (nothing crazy) might make it something you pick up and use with confidence.

    I flipped the photo perspective just for my own curiosity and thought it pulled my attention to the bit end. Left to right reader lol.

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