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Thread: Two XM18 3.5's Bowie and 20CV Spearpoint

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    Two XM18 3.5's Bowie and 20CV Spearpoint

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    Up for grabs today I have two Hinderer XM18 3.5's. First "I'll take it" in the post followed by a PM gets priority. PM is the best form of communication for me. Prices are to your door via priority shipping within CONUS. Boxes will be flattened in order to fit in to a small priority box.

    The first is a Bowie in S35VN with stonewashed lock side and green/black G10 scale. This one is a great flipper, is centered and has early lockup. The blade has been resharpened by the previous owner and has a mirror finish. $325

    Next is a Spearpoint in CPM20CV. Blue lockside and blue G10. This was sharpened by the previous owner and has a slightly uneven bevel. Good flipping action. Has box but it's not pretty due to the previous owner using it as the shipping box. $320

    Mainly looking for cash at the moment. I'm real picky with trades these days, but it never hurts to throw something my way.

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    PM'd on the Bowie.

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    Please forgive my newbess...

    Looking for (as funds/wife allows) CRK Umnumzaan or Sebenza 21 or 25 (micarta) with dates of Dec. 2, Oct. 5, and July 2.

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    Both still available with price drop!

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