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Thread: Sebenza 21 Large - thickness behind the cutting edge?

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    Sebenza 21 Large - thickness behind the cutting edge?

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    I'm just wondering how thick behind the edge Sebenza 21 should be.
    I have two 21 Large - both were made at early 2016. One is 0,024" (about 0,60mm), and the second one is 0,025" (about 0,64mm) behind the cutting edge.
    But... I've found some discussions about Sebenza's technical specs and most were about 0,020" behind the cutting edge.

    So, is it a badluck to get two 21s that are so thick, or is it just normal in the "newer" sebenza (I mean 2016+ made)?

    For comparison - I measured Paramilitary-2. It's 0,024" behind the cutting edge.

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    You have to remember that the knives are hand sharpened and the thickness behind the edge will vary from knife to knife. I'd call that pretty damn good. If you want it a little less, you can always do a little profile and get it to where you want it.
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    What Ajack60 said-though it never dawned on me to even measure such.
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