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Thread: Traditional vs. Turkish/California/Muskrat Clip Blades - What's Yer Pleasure?

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    I guess it depends on the frame and what the knife is intended for. I don't care as long as it looks good, I like both Turkish and regular clip blades. I have more knives with Turkish clips than regular ones, but that doesn't mean I preffer them. I really like the Turkish clip on the #66 slim I got from Will. It's just so nice. But on the jack version of the #66 the regular clip looks better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will Power View Post
    Lot depends on the kind of frame it's housed in.
    That's the right answer. I like the Remington frame and overwhelmingly prefer single blade slipjoints, and the blade on this Bose is as close to perfect as I've seen.

    The recently released #74 Stallions come close to it. Understandably I've become very fond of this knife in a very short time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knarfeng View Post
    The full clip blades that Camillus made are my favorites.

    +1. Those are really good.

    Quote Originally Posted by deltaboy View Post
    Same here I grew up with an OT8.
    The 8ot and its siblings (881,885 and so on) are the standard of measure in my opinion.
    -Paul T.

    Looking for GEC 81 stockmans and a two blade 73 trapper user

    A few knives for trade, link below

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    Quote Originally Posted by North Shore View Post

    I'm pretty fond of this clip blade on an older peach pit Ulster stockman.
    That's a good-looking knife all the way around. Wonderful bone and jigging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChunk91 View Post
    The 8ot and its siblings (881,885 and so on) are the standard of measure in my opinion.
    I certainly find this hard to argue with, and the example on this mint #881Y is particularly pleasing, with a very pointy tip.

    The concave clip works very well on this design, making it look as sleek as one with a longer clip. The sheepfoot on this one is nice and pointy, too!

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    I tend to like blades with strength in the design, but aren't bulky. I think the Turkish/California clip makes a great slicer, but the broad traditional just seems to be more capable overall. My preference is the traditional clip.
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    Turkish Clip knifes are for Sunday.

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    The Turkish clips definitely work best on long slender frames such as the upcoming GEC 38's

    The new 48's are another example of a long, slender knife that look good with a Turkish clip.

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    I like pretty much all of them, but I really like a slim serpentine stock man when the blade spine follows the curve of the handle in the closed position. Like the 897 u. H.
    If I could find a knife like that in carbon steel with a real stag, or maybe bone handle, then that might just be the grail for me.

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