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Thread: Medford Fat Daddy, General, Doc Shiffer, Clark Kwaiken, Willumsen Mansum, Sablya 1Off

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    Medford Fat Daddy, General, Doc Shiffer, Clark Kwaiken, Willumsen Mansum, Sablya 1Off

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    Hi everyone. I'm on the hunt for some new steel so here are some knives up for trade. I'll be here to answer any questions you might have about what you see. I can give more details, specs, and pictures if you ask. If you're interested, feel free to contact me through private message or email. I also check my threads fairly often so I'll see your posts. If you just want a straightforward sale, let me know and we can have something worked out. Thanks for looking.

    For trades, I'm looking for: Yunas, DireWares, Southards, TuffKnives, Sharknivcos, Rocksteads, Greg Lightfoots, Neil Blackwoods, Phantom Steelworks, a Todd Begg Beggatti, Rassentis, a Demko AD15, Dervish Alchemy XL, Grimsmo Norseman, Graham folder, a custom Emerson, custom Strider, or a good production knife but if you have any other offers, I'm happy to hear them. Cash can be added either way.

    If you are planning to send me an email through the forum, please post on the thread as well to let me know. Some of those are lost in transit and never reach my mailbox.

    1. Medford TFF-1 Fat Daddy - very good condition - Traded
    Tumbled D2 blade with a tumbled handle
    It's as thick as a Praetorian Ti but is still comfortable to hold
    There are some light scratches on the front side of the blade and on the clip but the finish helps hide some of them
    Centering favors the front side by a hair
    Rock solid lockup with no stick and smooth action
    It has a very stiff detent now but I think it should break in over time

    2. Medford The General - brand new in box - Traded
    Tumbled D2 blade with a vulcan finish in the thumbslot
    Tumbled Ti handle
    Not yet broken it
    Action is smooth out of the box but there is a bit of lockstick that will go away over time
    Never carried or used
    Lockup is rock solid and centering is perfect

    3. Doc Shiffer Custom Designated Marksman - like new
    Very well made 3.75"-4" flipper
    Hamon on the blade
    Sculpted bronze working finish titanium handle with polished highs
    Gear-pattern backspacer
    If you grab the blade and really force it, there is the slightest bit of up-and-down play but zero side-to-side, doesn't affect the function at all
    It has one of the best actions I've handled, liquid smooth and it will open regardless of how you use the flipper
    The blade sits dead center in the handle
    Feels great in hand in a number of different grips

    4. Jason Clark Kwaiken - good condition
    CTS-XHP blade
    Gold-bronze anodized bolster, liner, lockside, and clip
    Natural canvas micarta scale
    Checkering on the top of the flipper and on the backspacer
    This one has been carried and used. There is wear on the ano of the ti, especially on the bolster.
    The blade has some light scratches and the edge could use a light touch-up.
    You have to be careful when adjusting the pivot screw. It's close to being stripped but still works fine with the right sized bit.
    Everything still functions perfectly and a trip back to Jason could have it like new
    Feels great in hand
    Blade sits dead center and there is zero up-and-down play
    Action is extremely smooth and free, flips as fast as you want it to

    5. Mikkel Willumsen Mansum - near mint
    Hand rubbed satin 3.75" blade
    Sculpted brown and black G-10 scale
    There are a few light snail trails in the blasted ti
    Solid lockup and smooth action
    Centering slightly favors the presentation side but doesn't rub

    6. Custom Knife Factory Sablya Relic One-Off - brand new in pouch
    This is a Sablya that CKF set aside specifically to be made into a one-off; it isn't a customized numbered Sablya
    An incredible amount of work has been put into this one
    "Relic" M390 blade; the more you look at it, the more you see
    Carbon fiber inlays
    Relic finished handle that transitions into an anodized and tumbled rock texture
    Flamed body screws
    Fast and responsive action; the blade flies open when you pull back on the flipper
    Solid lockup and the blade drops freely
    Blade sits dead center
    Comes with all the paperwork and the padded pouch

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    Offer or prayers in my case sent viva PM's ,,, ,Agreed then Trading for the Big Daddy and the General,, plus cash,,,,My end shipped with USPSMO 3/23/2017 , Thanks again Ken .
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    The Fat Daddy and General have both been traded.

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    I've sent you an email.

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