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Thread: Begg Steelcraft Kwaiken for Mini Bodega

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    Begg Steelcraft Kwaiken for Mini Bodega

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    I recently acquired my first Begg Steelcraft. I must say that after owning many different productions, customs and mid-techs over the years, the build quality of this thoroughly impresses me. I really wasn't convinced that it was going to be that good, but it is. I do, however, find the Kwaiken just a bit large for me to EDC. Don't get me wrong...the profile is slim enough that it carries just fine. Almost don't even notice that it is there. BUT, whip it out in a public place and it turns heads. So, if someone with a Mini Bodega finds theirs a tad small for their liking, perhaps we can discuss a trade.

    Mine is excellent to like new condition, only having been carried twice since I acquired it from the last party here on BF (Richie...great guy), so I would like yours to be similar condition. I really don't mind light users, but if you've cut up a bunch of cardboard, well have to talk.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
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    I have a LNIB mini Bodega, same color as the kwaiken. Shoot me an email or PM

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    Emailed you. Let me know if you do not receive. Thanks. I'm interested.

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    Emailed you directly this time.

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    Trade pending with the good doctor. 👍
    Trade complete with one outstanding member of this forum!
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