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Thread: Best lubricant for flippers

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    Best lubricant for flippers

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    I've searched many threads and can't seem to find one that solely addresses this topic.
    What's the best lubricant to keep your flippers deploying smoothly and easily as possible without
    Gumming up and collecting dirt etc?
    I've been using Slick 2000 gun line that seems to be ok
    But just wondered what others experiences have been?
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    Quick Release was developed for automatics for the same reason. I use it on every folder I have.

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    Best lubricant for flippers

    I use 3 in 1 lock dry lube! It works great. Just like the name says Dry Lube it drys and lubricates. So there is nothing to gum up and dirt, dust and pocket lint doesn't get attracted to it at all like regular oils tend to do.
    As for cleaning and preserving my blades I use the second one it removes rust spots much better than WD40 without using an abrasive on your blades. And if you hopefully don't have any rust it will prevent it from ever happening! And you only need one drop per blade side so a little goes a long way. Hope that helped ya bud.

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    BreakFree CLP and Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide work well (personal experience). Nano Oil is supposed to be good, too (no personal experience).

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    I actually just bought a new oil called Clenzoil and I'm really liking it. I have Breakfree, and I'm honestly preferring Clenzoil. It seems to have both a better viscosity and friction reduction than Breakfree, and I actually think it smells better too.
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    I use Breakfree on my knives, you may want to give Ballistol or G96 a try as well.

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    I use nano oil 10 for the bearing/washers and Aegis Solution on the blades

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    Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide for years.

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    Thumbs up Dry Lubes Are Improving

    Quote Originally Posted by Emre View Post
    BreakFree CLP and Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide work well (personal experience). Nano Oil is supposed to be good, too (no personal experience).
    I've been a fan of Sentry Solutions great line of products for quite some time now. The TUF-GLIDE is great but they also have a great dry lube as well called BP-2000 which I've been using on my Spyderco DODO model ( ball bearing lock) and I've been very satisfied with their dry lube product.

    I still use Militec 1 for my wet lube most of the time and I also use Militec's grease too. However if I find anything better I'll immediately check out something new and better.

    That's interesting that "3 N 1" now offers a dry lube. There are a lot of new dry lubes out there that contain PTFE and I've had good luck with most of them I've tried. I've found that dry lubes are improving a lot in the past 5 years or so.

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    I have found that Mineral Oil works best for me.

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