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Thread: SOLD: BNIB Reate Torrent M390. Amazing Action!

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    SOLD: BNIB Reate Torrent M390. Amazing Action!

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    Contact Info

    ● Tom - Darth Blader
    ● E-mail: [email protected]

    Terms & Conditions of Sale

    Please read all terms & conditions if you plan to purchase

    ● Available until listed as sold
    ● No trades at this time
    ● Generally the knife will be sold to the FIRST PERSON to state “I will take it” in the forum
    and CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL (PM will be delayed), although, I reserve the right to sell
    the knife elsewhere, remove the listing or deny sale at my discretion at any time for any
    ● Please ask ALL questions before committing to buy.
    ● I will confirm sale by responding to the email with PayPal payment info
    ● PLEASE BE PREPARED TO PAY IMMEDIATELY upon purchase confirmation. If not
    payment is not received within 30 minutes of providing PayPal info, sale will move to
    next in line.
    ● CONUS and Canada shipping only, buyer pays additional shipping above USPS small
    flat rate to Canada

    Reate Torrent - M390

    This is by far the best flipper I've ever owned (purchased one for myself and another as a gift - gift is no longer needed), and with M390 I haven't seen a better value offered by another knife that has crossed my path! This is new and has never been carrier or cut anything. Blade is perfectly centered. No blade play in any direction. No lock stick. Lockup is early. Blade will freely drop after break-in as I've experienced on mine with nano-oil. Candidly, the action on this rivals my Shiro, but the blade is a bit heavier on this one. The fit and finish is outstanding. The only thing to note is a very small shiny area on the show-side scale at the edge of the chamfer near the middle of handle - barely visible in the pictures below.

    Knife comes with box, case, cloth, bag, and extra set of hardware.

    Price: $old PayPal G&S
    Shipping : Included (USPS Small Flat Rate)

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    This is a gorgeous knife and I would love to take it off your hands.
    Update: Email sent
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