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Thread: Kydex sheath wanted for GEC Canoe fixed blade

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    Kydex sheath wanted for GEC Canoe fixed blade

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    Asking members of the porch who they would recommend to get a custom kydex sheath made for my GEC fixed blade canoe... I find the GEC leather sheath way to cumbersome for such a small lightweight knife. I plan on the GEC being my primary BWCA canoe trip blade so I'm thinking I'd rather have kydex although I'm not completely opposed to a small lightweight treated leather sheath as well... I thought I'd ask here on the porch first because I really respect the porch's members opinions and maybe someone here has had a custom sheath for a similar GEC fixie...
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    Looking for some grail GECs... let me know if you can help me out! Thanks BladeForums...
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    I do not personally have experience with any member's work here. However, I do know there are several supporting vendors here who do custom kydex and leather work.

    It might be good to give this area a quick look-see:

    Sheaths and Such

    Perhaps there are others here who can provide testimonials.
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    Somebody on the forums, part of the name is Brown, does kydex. I think he's Canadian.

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