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Thread: Survive! GSO 10, Brown Micarta, CPM3V.

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    Survive! GSO 10, Brown Micarta, CPM3V.

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    Okay, going to put up my gso 10 for sale. I sort of fell into it and had a bit of fun with her, but its time for it to move along. It's not perfect, but its far from a beater. There is a bit of wear towards the tip and some slight spotting in the front section, but thats pretty much it. $460 CAD shipped (dropping it a bit for us canadians). Comes with box/papers/packing material/kydex sheath.

    I can/will send/upload more detailed photos of the wear on the blade tomorrow.

    Link to photos


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    Pm sent
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    Seconds on the GSO 10

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    Additional pics

    Still available

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