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    Curtiss F3 Large
    - carried a handful of times
    - CTS-XHP Spanto is maker sharp (only opened up a box or two)
    - lockup is solid with easy release
    - flipping action is snappy, blade freely drops closed
    - no play whatsoever

    Please disregards the rain drops on the blade (seen in open picture, and on the closed blade centered picture), tried to snap some pics before it started to pour.

    $SOLD US ONLY, I am open to trades and can add cash on my side where necessary. I am particularly interested in Dwyer SNGs, Bodegas (no Field Grades or Compound Grinds), Mosier, Rassenti.

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    Price Drop!

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    Really nice pics!

    Blade length?



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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnPB View Post
    Really nice pics!

    Blade length?


    Thanks! Shot you a link to the specs in a Visitor Message. The Blade Length is: 3.75"

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    Any interest in a XM-24...if so email me thx

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