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Thread: Kudos to ZT warranty services

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    Kudos to ZT warranty services

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    Busted the clip and LBS screws on a ZT 300... A couple of emails.... And here I am a week later with THREE new sets of screws Shipped in a nice big enveloppe up North in Canada, absolutely for free! I asked to pay the shipping fees. Graciously denied.
    I'm honestly impressed.

    Thanks to David and all the crew in ZT for standing behind their products, even old discontinued ones.
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    Great story! I'm glad your knife is whole. Yeah, ZT, Benchmade and Spyderco really do good stuff for their customers.

    I've had nothing but good experiences with all my KAI knives, can't wait for my 0460!

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    I bought a well used ZT 0300. The assisted opening spring was getting fairly weak. This knife is out of production. I asked ZT how much a new one cost. No charge. They get a lot of good will doing things like this.

    FWIW, for the money, I think ZT makes the best knives. They flip open so nicely.

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    I do agree, i think KAI has the best warranty. I had a kershaw blur with pretty poor centering. They asked me if i wanted them to repair it or send a new pivot assembly free of charge. 3 weeks later the pivot assembly arrived at my door. Ive asked i think for 2 pocket clips for said blur and same story. I bought a zt 0566 that didnt have a pocket clip anymore. They sent 3 with 3 pairs of screws!

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