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Thread: Fallkniven F1 (SOLD), Jeff White

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    Fallkniven F1 (SOLD), Jeff White

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    hi all.
    prices include shipping and paypal fees (goods and services).

    1) fallkniven F1 - $87....SOLD - used but not abused. includes the leather F1 flap sheath.

    2) Jeff White - $50 - forget the model. love it as a slicer in the kitchen. i am not next to it to measure, but it is roughly 4.5-5" blade with about a 4.5" handle.

    3) Jeff White - $45 - i think this one may be called the trail knife. i didn't use, but i am not the previous owner. i did clean up the blade a bit (and sharpen). ~8+" overall with about a 4" blade and handle. oh yeah, there was a slight gap between handle and blade that i tried to fill with thin CA. not perfect, but a bit better.

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