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Thread: Help finding a handle

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    Help finding a handle

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    I found what looks to be a very old hatchet made by plumb manufacturing in my basement. It's quite a small hatchet, the head weight is just over 12oz. The handle was completely shot and the head very loose. I have since removed the head but I'm having issues finding a handle small enough to fit. The eye size is 1 and 3/8 inches by 1/2 an inch. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can get a handle.

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    Didnt know if it was ok to post the name so i sent you an email

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    Post the name!

    In a pinch you could buy a new Vaughan mini-hatchet and steal its handle.

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    House Handle might have something that will fit. I'm starting to not like them, but they have a great selection.
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    That was the company i was talking about

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    I looked through their catalouge and found one handle that might possably fit. I was thinking that a handle from the Hults Bruks Jonaker or equivalent might work but I can't seem to find the eye size of that hatchet anywhere. I figured with the head being so light it would make a good small crafting hatchet.

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    The eye being small isn't usually an issue as long as you can find a handle of a length and shape you like. You can shave the tongue of the handle down to fit.

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