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Thread: Knife Laws in Minnesota and Wisconsin

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    Post Knife Laws in Minnesota and Wisconsin?

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    Does anyone know what the laws are concerning blade length in Wisconsin and Minnesota?

    Thanks for your response!

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    Doing a search here I don't find any mention of length for Wisconsin.

    Also looked here for Minnesota and had no mention of blade length.

    Both just mentioned "dangerous weapon".
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    Thanks for your search.

    I have also tried on other law summary sites with nothing specific on blade length.

    It is remarkable how unspecific everything is!


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    Mn knife laws

    I work closely with Law Enforcement here in Mn. I AM NOT AN OFFICER, In discussions with law enforcement after hours over a beer we always talk about knives. It is up to an officers discretion of circumstances surrounding your interaction with law enforcement as to whether your knife can be a "dangerous Weapon".

    Officers have stories of people who have had a bad attitude and been searched they find a small case pocket knife and it gets written up as a dangerous weapon all because the person was acting in a threatening manner out of fear or adrenaline. Ambiguity in the laws is done on purpose, like a job description has "and all other applicable duties". it allows room to move. Officers will look at the situation not just the knife to determine the level of danger you pose.

    If you are a minor who carries a knife for whatever perceived threat real or imagined, and you have interaction with police be honest and advise you have a knife. I am not saying whether a minor should or should not carry a knife, that is a personal choice. In my educated opinion police will consider a minor a threat for just having a knife. 3 inches is the rule of thumb.

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    Sblum -

    Thanks for your information.

    I am looking for information on blade length (for concealed carry) to verify that when I carry a particular knife in MN that I am not breaking any laws.

    I know that if I go to MI that the limit is 3", in TN it is 4", in any Federal Government facility it is 2.5", the FAA says 4" but 3" is a better guideline due to passing through security.

    From what you wrote, it sounds like MN has no specific length.

    I have talked with two people as a local knife shop(in the Twin Cities) and they said that 4" is the rule. They have a lot of interation with local police since they provide knives for them. Is the 4" length really true?

    I am not a minor. The knives that I carry are more utility designs, (Large and small Sebenza, 750, 705 and 720). Is there a problem with conceal carrying the large Sebenza(3.5") or 750(3.6")? Most of the time I do not use the clip because it chews up pants pockets in a hurry.

    What do you think?



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    Minnesota knife laws

    I spend alot of time and money at RFG knife and safe in Robbinsdale, they are the most knowledgeable about knife issues not to mention great prices. My edc is a gunsite large in a kydex neck sheath made by, they have some great carry options for their sheaths check them out.

    It stands for North Eastern Self Defense I agree about the knives w/ clips tearing up pockets. I prefer to use a lanyard for another carry option, still offers fast access without drawing unneeded attention.

    I have a large Sebenza I purchased in 1995 I do not carry because I feel it is too heavy, and cost me more than I would care to lose. I also have a Emerson Viper and CQC7 also bought in 1995 after waiting 15 months like most other people. Gotta love Micarta !! Blade length is a personal choice, could you readily explain a 4 inch blade if you had too?

    Discussions and opinions I have gathered over a period of time, the design of the knife and blade length are 2 biggest hurdles when dealing with LE in a given situation.

    I was once pulled over the officer seemed real nervous, I asked permission to move my hands and advised the officer I was carrying a one handed automatic opening knife. I was asked to step out of my vehicle, I made no sudden movements put my hands on my head and advised the knife was in my right front pocket. long story short because of the way I advised the officer and my mannerisms during the stop I was able to keep my Mel Pardue auto. Once again the way you carry yourself goes a long way. Thanks, Sean

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