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Thread: Squeezing in a question-D2 Carnivore?

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    Wink Squeezing in a question-D2 Carnivore?

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    I just saw a "wanted" post over in the Exchange mentioning a D2 Carnivore. Is there such a beast? I thought that only the Sifu and Pikuni were available in D2........Thanks.

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    Ya got me with that question. I dunno, but if the guy says he has one for sale, REKAT must have produced SOME of 'em....

    I'd look in my REKAT catalog for an answer, but...THERE ISN'T A REKAT CATALOG..

    I'd check at the REKAT web-site for an answer, but...THERE ISN'T A REKAT WEB-SITE..
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    man i dont know why you guys stick so much behind rekat, i'd have forgotten them long ago. they seem to treat their cutomers like ****, i guess they don't want any business.

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