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    Unhappy Mork Knives

    Hello all.
    Anybody got any leads on Mork Knives?
    I bought a couple of them quite some time ago and now I can't find him anywhere on the net. I tried old bookmarks, and Google as well.


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    Repost this in Bernard Levine's forum. He might be able to help.

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    mork knives

    I am a friend of Marion O. Richardson who makes Mork knives and sell them in my physical store, on eBay in my eBay store Traditions fiber Arts and Antiques and in my Vendio store.
    I can take requests for any particular length and style.


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    I thought he married Mindy and they had a child named Robin and lived happily ever after

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    I Am MORK

    Greetings One & All!

    I am The Real 'MORK Knives' ~ Dís MORK Knives ģô. I trademarked and registered the name in 1996 as MORK Knives and all facsimileís thereof.

    You may direct from me either one of the eBay Items or place and Order for Custom Work. Marion is my uncle and he makes the run of the mill Mork's the custom and detailed work is done my the Artist & Master Craftsman D'.

    Here is a MySpace Link to one of the other sites for MORK Knives and see the Real MORK.

    Until then may you be blessed with all that you need.


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