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Thread: EDC - What's in Your Pocket(s)??

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    Re: Re: All locks not pickable

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Osbourn
    Originally posted by Keyman
    I bought several Masterlocks some time ago, and was very disappointed with the challenge that they presented, security-wise.
    I was disappointed as well--I've found that Master locks are the easiest ones to pick for me.

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    I change what knives I carry so much I really don't have a standard EDC set. I usually carry at least two knives. Today it is a Kershaw Boa clipped the right front pocket and a Queen Cutlery Canoe in my left pocked. I have a Photon III on my keychain. My cell is a Motorola V60i and when I need a weapon I carry my SIG 229 IWB stongside. If I am working out of office I add my Mini Mag light and a classic leatherman.

    Some have found what I carry excessive. Compaired to others on this forum I am a light weight

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    Question EDC - how long??

    EDC "should" be EveryDay Carry -
    so if one changes everyday - is that still really an EDC?

    Anyway - what's your Longest EDC?

    I'm obviously more interested in knives,
    but anything else that you've EDC'd for a long time?

    My EDC Victorinox Scientist SAK (customised handles) has been my EDC for the past 10+ years - previous to that was still the Victorinox Scientist unmodified handles for 9+ years.

    So in all I've carried a Victorinox Scientist for just about 20 years.

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    CRKT large Kasper right front pocket, BM 710 right back pocket is my standard combo. If only one it's either of these (BM for office, Kasper for going out) or tactical Socom Elite to show off.

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    springfield illinois
    As always i carry a BLADERIGGER credit card/ money clip with an omega jr. blade. Also at times an omega checkbook wallet with omega 3 blade. Sometimes ill rotate my BLADERIGGER goodys for my PERRIN lagriffe and streetsurgen. Ive got a PERRIN wallet but have not utilized it yet. Dont carry any lights,cell phones,gum etc. I do use a cane because of old Aurther,and bad back,knees.

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    Question clothes dictate EDC?

    Or do you modify your clothing so that you can carry certain EDCs?

    So do your clothes dictate your EDCs....
    or do your EDCs dictate the clothing?

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    it would be cool to have a pair of pants which had a sheath sewn into them that fit your favourite fixed blade!!!

    oh shoot, i think i just gave out another moneymaking scheme that i'll never pursue

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    Originally posted by aaron_simkovich
    it would be cool to have a pair of pants which had a sheath sewn into them that fit your favourite fixed blade!!!

    simply sew on a long narrow patch pocket that would accept a sheath so that one can put the knife and sheath into it.

    An extra nice touch would be to sew on a tie or strap to fasten the normal belt loop on the sheath.

    This would then be flexible enough to accept a few different sheath fix blade knives.

    Lower thigh position or along the calf would seem good unobstrusive places?

    Any other suggestions?

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    damn, good idea, but its mine!! ALL MINE MNUUAHAHHAHAHA

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    Large Sebenza, Mini-Dyad, E1E w KL1, keys around neck on lanyard w micra and Fisher Bullet Pen.
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    USA, SF Bay Area
    Scot Cook's Lochsa in S90V, just got it yesterday and love it
    BM 710 HSSR, old timer
    BM 770 D2, relatively new;
    And letherman micra on my keychain, one more old timer

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    I have three modes of EDC...

    For my home carry I always have my Spyderco SS Cricket PE handy for any minor cutting chores that may need to done here around the house.

    My work EDC gets a little more cumbersome though,

    Spyderco Endura SE(or Blue Rescue SE)
    Buck 110
    Leatherman SuperTool 200
    Leatherman Micra
    Fisher Bullet Space Pen

    My non work carry consists of;

    Spyderco Military PE
    Spyderco SS Cricket PE
    Arc AAA w/Green GlowRing
    Leatherman SuperTool 200
    Leatherman Micra

    I also always carry a Victorinox Swisscard in my wallet, along with a red Photon II on my keychain.

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    Question How Long?

    I've EDC'd my Victorinox Scientist (customized) for 10+years - previous to that it was still a Scientist (plain unmodified) for some 9+ years - so that's just about 20 years for a Victorinox Scientist.

    How long is (chuckle) yours?

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    I like these EDC threads, here is mine:

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    I like your style Horus

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    Unknown Vincent, I'm glad you started this post, it introduced me to my new all time favorite EDC, a victorinox scientist. It took a while to find one and had to be shipped from Germany.Twenty years from now I'll probably still be carrying mine also.

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    My latest and greatest setup...

    Leatherman squirt P4 (awsome!)
    Bic Fine Roller (I go through about 4-5 a week!)
    Coach wallet

    Out n' About:
    BM806D2 or BM943
    Kyocera phone
    Box of Australian chewing sticks (like toothpics but dipped in tea tree oil. Better than gum)
    Coach wallet

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    Austin, Texas, USA
    Originally posted by Horus
    I like these EDC threads, here is mine:
    Who made that wonderful-looking fixed blade?

    --Bob Q

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    Originally posted by Disector
    it introduced me to my new all time favorite EDC, a victorinox scientist. It took a while to find one and had to be shipped from Germany.
    Thanks.... well, what can I say, but.......
    good choice

    Have you also seen the Victorinox Yeoman?
    - which is basically the Scientist with scissors added (plus the ubiquitous "multi-purpose" hook thingy on the back).

    Hopefully the Yeoman might be a little easier to locate (and a whole lot cheaper?) The Yeoman has also been discontinued as an US import some years ago, but I think it's still available at quite a few places some at less than $25.......(but note: some of them are the "Boy Scout" version with logo)

    I suggest snapping these up before they become as scarce as the Scientist.

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    UnknownVT, do you use your customized Scientist every day ? Can you put a new pic of your pocket knife, I asked it because I read that you have it and use 10 years ago and counting, so why it doesn´t look used ? I am just curious, I would like to have a knife 10 years with out of damage ....


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