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Thread: Gunner Grips selected by MCSOCOM!

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    We are proud to announce

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    Simonich Knives LLC is proud to announce the "Gunner Grips" (TM) have "Been selected by and built for MCSOCOM DET1 Ativation Date 03-06-20." Approved by Commanding Officer and PAO.

    Much much thanks goes to Duane Dwyer of Strider Knives, without Duanes help this would not have been possible. These grips will be in the Marine Corp "Coyote Brown" a special custom made color of G-10. I will post pictures as soon as possible, but it may be a month or so before we have pictures. We are very honored to help support our troops in any small way, and I am proud to have our grips selected along side the Strider MCSOCOM knife.

    Thanks for putting up with my extremely inflated pride today!

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    You deserve it, Rob.

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    Congratulations Rob, they will be getting quality gear from my own experience with the gunner grips.

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    Moved my question to it's own thread.
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    Yeah im late but hey,I was over visiting Jeff at his forum,plus Ive had a couple.

    Congrats Rob you deserve it buddy,Pat Rogers was talking about the MARSOC and how your grips are awsome,Looks like im going to have to get a pair for my Springfield
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    OK, before I go congratulatin' ya, I got somethin' to babble.
    Specifically, looky at the lower section of This Page
    It's the third from last picture. I marveled at the Gunner grips, yakked about 'em to everyone I met that had a 1911 and finally some people who actually MAKE a diference realized what I'd already said and said and said and once burped it!

    Anyhow, just so long as they got 'em, that's the important thing.
    (OH, and a moment of seriousity, if you don't mind... I been shooting 1911's for damn close to 30 years now, and Rob's grips are the best I ever used.... and trust me, I tried damned near EVERYTHING!)

    OK, Rob, simmmer down, I'm still annoyed.
    I'll TELL ya why!
    I got me about 100 free issues of BLADE at Blade Show West this weekend and caught your ad thanking people.
    Ya know whose name I didn't find in any of those copies?
    Like Blade Magazine couldn't handle typing "Vampire Gerbil", your greatest collaborationist.... well, ya did that TOPS thing too, but how original was that compared to the Neck Hatchet!
    Sorry Rob, but I'm cutting you off Lorena's List of Laundry Shipments for a month.
    I know, it's tough, but dammit, I am hurt!

    Vampire Gerbil

    PS - Congrats, Rob! It ain't often the military makes brilliant decisions!
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    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is broken.

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    Congratulations! I also just saw an article in the December 2003 issue of S.W.A.T. magazine, on the Marine's MCSOCOM pistol. Has a nice photo of your grips.

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