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Thread: Fake Custom Knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storm Crow View Post
    he claims to have been working with metal since the late '60s and making knives since at least 1988.
    I think a more accurate statement would be, he's been working with a metal plate in his head since the 60s.

    At one point, my life was meaningless. Hobos spit on me and little children would run up and punch me in the groin.

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    This is starting to make sense.....
    I have 2 knives that my wife bought for me from Jason Jacobs AKA Wootz Custom ... and I did not have the heart to tell her that they were really rough looking knives.

    I'm not here to bash anyone, but I don't want anyone else to get ripped off... including my wife.

    The other odd thing about the knives is that one blade is damascus and is a fairly nice looking grind until you get to the handle and that is where it get's bad.
    The other knife is not damascus and I can't believe that the same person did the grinding on these blades. Horrible plunge, uneven bevel and huge uneven grinds in the tang.

    There is an ink stamp on one that says Jacob's Customs and has a picture of an Elk around it.
    Looks like this Jacobs guy is still going strong in Ingram, Texas.
    I don't see how anyone that is around knife making could call these quality.

    I putter around with knife making and can do a much better job and have way more attention to detail than this !!

    Have to find a way to tell my wife not to contact him anymore.

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    Have her read this thread?
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    This guy is right up their with some of the true BFC greats! I am not sure if he has attained the same legendary status as J. Lightning of Razr knife fame, but that is only because of the prices and "press coverage" and old J.'s epic Internet tough guy meltdown. With that said, this guy's longevity is probably sufficient reason to get him a seat at the D-bag awards banquet next to Jared Eyeliner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorien View Post
    I try to stay positive when it comes to makers' efforts, but those things are egregiously ugly.
    Younjust don't get it, Lorien. These knives are supposed to represent post zombie apocalypse blades........made by the zombies. ;-)

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