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Thread: Becker BK3 TacTool vs Ontario SP8 machete

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    Becker BK3 TacTool vs Ontario SP8 machete

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    Has anyone done a direct comparison of these two blades? I've handled the SP8 before and it definitely fits the sharpened prybar role. I'm a little wary of the Becker due to some of the negative things I've read about their handles and the fact that it's about twice as expensive for ~3" less blade. However, would the 0170-6C steel and presumably better fit/finish make up for these diffences? thanks

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    Thumbs up Do the Becker

    Anything from Becker Knife and Tools is better then the Ontario SP8. I have several BK&T knive and I also have the SP8 and as far as I am concerned the SP8 is junk compared to what Camillus buts out for BK&T.


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