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Thread: Personal shopper request (for a watch)

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    Kabar, tritium radiates light all by its lonesome, it's used in night sights most commonly. Most luminescent stuff stores light it takes in, then discharges it over time. I think tritium lasts for a decade or so, iirc.

    I'm down to the black Monster and the County com, the tritium is a big sell, as is the slightly lower price, but the automatic natureof the Monster is equally compelling, tough decision. I'm going to see if I can find a Monster locally to handle it/try it on, that might be the end of it there. Thanks for all your input, some great suggestions, as well as reviews, though mostly on the Seiko. No one owns the other one?

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    Owns which one? The Navigator with tritium? Sure, I own both. Both are very different watches. The Navigator would indeed make a good beater and thats what mine has been for. A good beater, IMHO, doesn't have a date function. That way when you go to wear it, and its been a month, you don't feel like you should adjust the date. Its a slap it on the wrist and go thing. Thats one reason why I wouldn't choose a Monster as a beater. Unless you have a watchwinder (which I'm guessing you don't), you'll have to shake it for twenty seconds or so and then set the time each time you wear it. Most people who consider the Monster series as 'beaters' are the type that wear 1-2 thousand dollar watches and already have a watchwinder. Now don't be thinking I'm dissuading you from the Monsters. In fact, I'm betting that the Monster would become your daily watch and you'd downgrade your Swiss Army watch to be your beater.

    See if any local Seiko dealers in the area have one. I know they have them in Leesburg, VA, but thats probably a good drive for you...


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    I'll chime in

    I would go with the SK007. Why?

    Well, let me preface this with the fact that I have seven watches. Two are windups. The SK is an automatic, which is very appealing. You can always get a quartz watch, hell, I can get you Luminox at wholesale.

    The SK is simply a more attractive watch for daily use, unless you are a diver, and the Yao mods are excellent. This would probably become your daily use watch, and it would look good no matter what you were doing, unless you were wearing a tuxedo. The Oyster bracelet makes it look like a beater Rolex Sub, for a 10th of the price.

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