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Thread: It is legal to carry a fixed blade in Connecticut?

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    It is legal to carry a fixed blade in Connecticut?

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    I looked over the Connecticut knife carry laws and do not see a problem in carrying a fixed blade, as long as it is under 4" and not a dirk (which I assume means a double edged knife like a dagger or boot knife). I want to carry the knife concealed. I will be carrying a Camillus CQB2, so it under the 4" limit and is not double edged. Does anybody have any expierence or other knowledge about carrying fixed blades in Connecticut? Thanks
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    I would like the same question answered as well as wondered if I can open carry it as well.

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    Greetings, we have gone over this one before, so I think you will find the answers you seek in these threads;
    Questions about CT and Autos in CT.

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    Cris meyer

    Is it under any circumstances legal to carry a sword if it's in the sheath?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geremy View Post
    Is it under any circumstances legal to carry a sword if it's in the sheath?
    Welcome to BladeForums.

    Before I answer, I must advise that it's poor form to dig up a 10+ year old thread to ask what is essentially a new question. Especially since knife laws have changed in a lot of states over the past 6 years.

    Connecticut's knife law, Chapter 943, Sec. 53-206, does not make any distinction between concealed or open carry. Or between sheathed or unsheathed. A sword with a sharp edge 4" or greater is illegal to carry, but the law has several exceptions:
    (b) The provisions of this section shall not apply to
    (3) the carrying of a knife, the edged portion of the blade of which is four inches or more in length, by
    (A) any member of the armed forces of the United States, as defined in section 27-103, or any reserve component thereof, or of the armed forces of the state, as defined in section 27-2, when on duty or going to or from duty,
    (B) any member of any military organization when on parade or when going to or from any place of assembly,
    (C) any person while transporting such knife as merchandise or for display at an authorized gun or knife show,
    (D) any person who is found with any such knife concealed upon oneís person while lawfully removing such personís household goods or effects from one place to another, or from one residence to another,
    (E) any person while actually and peaceably engaged in carrying any such knife from such personís place of abode or business to a place or person where or by whom such knife is to be repaired, or while actually and peaceably returning to such personís place of abode or business with such knife after the same has been repaired,
    (F) any person holding a valid hunting, fishing or trapping license issued pursuant to chapter 490 or any saltwater fisherman carrying such knife for lawful hunting, fishing or trapping activities, or
    (G) any person while participating in an authorized historic reenactment;
    (4) the carrying by any person enrolled in or currently attending, or an instructor at, a martial arts school of a martial arts weapon while in a class or at an authorized event or competition or while transporting such weapon to or from such class, event or competition;
    The bolded items are what would be applicable to a sword. Please note that exception F would not apply because a sword is not intended for that purpose and if you attempt to claim such, will not be believed by law enforcement. Exception 4 likewise does not apply because martial arts weapons as per Sec. 53a-3 (21) of the penal code do not include swords (and also proves that legislators neither can spell Japanese words nor have the slightest clue about martial arts).

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