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Thread: Who makes the best Slingshots aka. Wrist-Rockets

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    Who makes the best Slingshots aka. Wrist-Rockets

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    So, I recently pulled my old crossman slingshot out of retirement and am having a blast killing cans with it in the backyard.

    Tonight i watched a mythbusters episode where they were trying to debunk the myth of canadians flinging people across the border into the US in order to escape the immigration watch.

    I know some of this has already been discussed here

    This got me thinking. What is the most powerful wrist-rocket/slingshot in current production?

    I at one point had a nice one made by barnett. the "Pro Diablo"

    and now i see a few companies have made them with laser or optical sites and power bands for extra distance as seen in the picture below.
    (PS-52 Slingshot shown)
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