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Thread: What knife do you take into the woods?

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    Beautiful Delavan Wisconsin

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    The right hip carry the Swamp Rat Knife Works Howling Rat knife in a On Scene Tactical Kydex sheath.
    Front right pocket a Dalton Combat Tiger Red/Nickel Silver bolster.
    Left hip a British Army Kuk.


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    Most of my "in woods" time is related to scouting or hunting not hiking. So I always have my survival pack which has several folders and maybe a fixed blade or two. I will have a large folder in my pocket, usually my Matrix and I will have my Cutco 6" "D" serrated edge on my hip. Please look at my Yahoo Photo page to view most of my knives.

    My Knives

    Reid Allen

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    QUICK, Look Behind You!
    When backpacking, I don't use a knife for an axes job, I use an axe! I carry a Wetterlings Small Hunting Axe (12.5"), a Mora knife, and a BM210 Activator. I carry a 30 pound bag for weekend hikes (about 20 pounds is my stuff, 10 pounds is the stuff nobody else wants to carry). I like to bring a hatchet because it excels at chopping, and I like to bring a mora because it excels at cutting.

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    woods knife

    The knife that always seems to be with me since early 80's has been my cold steel recon tanto, does a fine job chopping, good balance and the edge still sharp enough for skinning. The original leather sheath goes well on the belt or just slipped in the waist band (how i carry it most of the time). I like it much better than cold steel's current recon tanto design.

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    I have been using an enexpensive Ontario Spec Plus SP5-93. O/A 15" 1095 blade and has a great heft for leveling small to med debris on trails. I say enexpensive because @ $50.00 If I Bust it up as I have done in the past to a High end Bowie, I am not too torn up. I just received a New SOG Fusion Jungle Primitive as a B/D gift and can't wait to swing it some downfalls. Again a $50.00 tough as nails trail & camp knife. I have used my spec+ to split wood build small day blinds dig firepits and even used it as knife to cut some vegies in camp for supper. Great fun,great blades... ~baba~

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    Some sort of SAK or Leatherman. Buck 110. Becker BK-9. Those ride in my pack all the time.

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    when i go in the woods

    i always carry my doug ritter gripper and my leatherman ti. i have a couple real nice knives but they stay home as for a sheath knife i take with me its eather my usmc kbar or my srk or my mora if im hunting its my master hunter and the pendelton thats what nice about knives there small and you can take a few with you

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    I carry the large camper number 1 by GROHMANN.An excellent general purpose outdoor knife.Made in Canada and perfect for a Canadian hunter like me!

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    Gota love the CS SRK. One of mine is going to Iraq next month,but not with me. I wish her well!! I did my thing in 72-75.

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    Buck 112, USN MK1 or a Darrell Parent LZ fixed blade for the casual day trip.

    If I need to do some chopping then I'll take along my RD9, BK9 or a 12" Ontario machete.

    A LM multi tool is always along for the ride.

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    One of my larger folders (Benchmade Skirmish, ZT 301, or Ontario Hossom Retribution 1), and either my Becker BK2 or Kershaw Outcast fixed blade.

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    Where the Hills have Eyes
    Becker Knife and Tool BK 9 for Camping
    On me everyday is a Benchmade Skirmish or when I am working a Kershaw S30V Blur

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by shaldag View Post
    I always have a few folders in my pocket (some of you nitpickers might consider that I carry more than a few).

    When I'm walking around in the woods, I do like a fixed blade. At the moment, my favorite one is:

    Big enough for just about any job, except really hardcore brush clearing.
    Small enough for comfortable carrying.
    THAT is a goegeous fixed blade Shaldag!! WOW!! I like that a lot!

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    I will allways have my Wetterlings large hunters axe and my Leatherman, But the bk7 is getting switched for a smaller master hunter by cold steel. Then If I dont feel like carrying the Wetterlings, I'll take the becker.

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    depends on what i'm doing there.

    -just a casual stroll?: folder

    -hiking/camping/other?: fixed blade or hatchet or machete + multitool

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    For now my #780 Mora goes around my neck with my rigjob cigarette lighter holder attached. This is my absolute minimalist PSK. The triflex steel is easy to sharpen but seems to hold an edge pretty well. Cheap too $11.

    If I have any plans of firebuilding or harvesting some poles I'll include my Gransfors SFA and Bahco Laplander saw. I'm not really that good with my axe yet and the axe/saw seem to compliment each other for many tasks.

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    Dozier Arkansas Traveler and a slipjoint... Gets-er-done

    Chris D.

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    I just read thru this thread and realised my incredable conflicted attitude and history. I was a scout master for 30 years and have 320 nights hiking/camping carry only a SAK Executive (cleans my fish). No saw or ax. Never built one fire (someone else night have, not me). NOW I am a knife addict and for the last year I have carried enough knives to start a Mexican
    War. Typically a CS Recon Tanto (best battoning knife made), a BRKT Sandstorm A (great survival knife), a BM D2 Grip, A Gerber Gator in 154CM, and a SAK One Hand Trekker, oh and a D2 RAT 3 (it actually is the only one that gets used in the woods, carving walking sticks). Yes, I mean I carry ALL of them at the same time. Do not ask why. Still haven't built a fire or skinned anything or killed any bears/cougars/wolves/zombies, etc. But my day pack is MUCH heavier. I just got a RD7 (orange handled) and BK9HH. Probably need a bigger pack. I now can not imagine going into the woods (Washington, near St Helens) with out the knives (or my .357).
    Ron Athay

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    My current outdoor knife is an AG Russell Hunters Scalpel. In the past I've carried an Opinel primarily (as well as a BuckLite), but the Hunters Scalpel is lighter weight, plus it has a locking sheath and lanyard that are very helpful.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Last Confederate View Post
    Lately it's a combo of these two:

    Karasuando Galten (Boar)

    And a Case 3375 Yellow Delrin Stockman

    Together these two seem to cover any cutting job.
    Man, that Karasuanso is nice!

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