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Thread: Rogers' Rangers "Comrades in the Cold" print

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    Question Rogers' Rangers "Comrades in the Cold" print

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    Suzanne, I was looking around ebay and came across this print apparently depicting Rogers' Rangers in the snow. The two men in the print both have tomahawks. Just wondering if you know anything about it? It's pretty good, even if the "larger picture" is still pretty small.

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    I've never seen it before. It is small, though. I wonder if it's printed as a larger print.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FSCJedi View Post
    The two men in the print both have tomahawks.
    The hachet was standard issue.

    "I. All Rangers are to be subject to the rules and articles of war;
    to appear at roll- call every evening, on their own parade, equipped,
    each with a Firelock, sixty rounds of powder and ball, and a hatchet, "

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