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Thread: Update: 152OT Sharpfinger Clones And Pattern Copies

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    Update: 152OT Sharpfinger Clones And Pattern Copies

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    Several American companies have, since July of 2004, tooled up both here and abroad and begun producing their own versions of the Sharpfinger. Some come close to the original design in appearance and function, and some even add their own detail improvements. Since the design patent on the Sharpfinger is long ago expired, the design is now in the public domain and no license fee is required for a maker to use the pattern under their own tangstamp. “Sharp Finger”, Schrade”, Old Timer”, and “152OT” are copyrighted, held by TBLLC.

    Camillus of New York was one of the first with their "Gran'Pa Sharp Hunter GP152" version, and the only one I am aware of using 1095HC carbon steel blades. These are also sold under the “Buckmasters” label, differing only in the addition of the Buckmasters blade etch..

    Camillus/Western produces a WR-32 Trailing Point Hunter, partly serrated trailing point blade made of stainless steel. The black Kraton handle of this Western knife has finger grooves and a lined lanyard hole, leather belt sheath.

    Arrowhead Cutlery of Tennessee (manufacturing division of United Cutlery Brands) with four versions. Two using the 152OTX prototype as a base, and two with the traditional 152OT as a base, the "Rigid Max Edge Bear Foot Hunter RG0152MX", the "Rigid Bear Tooth Hunter RG0152", and "Outdoor Life Small Fixed Blade Hunter FS0152C", RMEF RF0003 Black Trail Hunter with HC stainless steel construction, glass fiber reinforced nylon handle scales, Harley Davidson Roadrunner. These, if the Outdoor Life version I have is any indication, are very well made knives, and destined to become collectable in their own right since United and Arrowhead have declared bankruptcy. The less than two year’s production out there is all there are likely to be.

    Tomahawk Knives, another division of United Cutlery Brands, imported some multicolored pakkawood handled clones with blade piercing in a shape reminiscent of Spyderco. This Knife was manufactured in Taiwan and has an XL-34 Stainless Blade.

    Bear And Son Cutlery, Inc., of Jacksonville, Alabama (formerly Bear MGC) is making the "Upswept Palm Skinner BC253R (Rosewood), BC553 (India Stag Bone) BC253T, and BC753 (Black Zytel), all variants of the original 152OT design with "high carbon 440 stainless" hollow ground blades.

    Taylor Brands LLC. (formerly Taylor Cutlery) is an importer and wholesaler of knives, and now a licensor of the Schrade trademarks to some American cutlery manufacturers, and not a manufacturer themselves. The Taylor 152OT knives are contracted to a cutlery factory in China and the knives so far are all stainless (no "+" mark). The Taylor 15OT tangstamps are "SCHRADE" on the right aligned with the front of the handle and angled to the blade, and "152OT" on the obverse with the same alignment. Neither the importer's name, nor the country of origin is stamped on the knives themselves, but the first ones imported bear a left hand etch of the Taylor/Schrade Logo with the words "SCHRADE" over "CHINA '05",along with etched text "First Production Run". The Taylor version has, so far, the "SCHRADE" over "SUPER SHARP" etch on the right blade, the originals, as far as I have seen, do not. 440C hardened to Rockwell 56-58.

    Maxam Of Dallas Texas, an importer, is selling the SKSOT copy, also Chinese made. According to the company, it has a 420J2 steel blade @ 52 Rockwell hardness.

    Ridge Runner Medium Coyote Skinner RR436- A recent (Beginning of 2007) arrival, origin unknown. Ridger Runner has been a name used by United on some of their Colt branded knives. The one example I have seen so far has “Uncle Henry Staglon”-like handles, black nylon sheath, and is advertised as “handcrafted in China”.

    Winchester G9447 Carolina Knife and Tool of Portland, Oregon is a Chinese imported version of the 152OTX pattern. CKT is a Gerber/Fiskar company. There was no attempt to tangstamp the knife with model number, manufacturer, or importer names. The only identifier on the knife is the Winchester logo etched onto an oblong Old Timer shaped silver toned metal shield (also of unknown material) set into the left handle cover. The two black sawcut textured plastic (also of unknown composition) covers are secured with two black torx head screws set flush with the covers. The plastic is semi-rigid like delrin, but soft enough to mar the surface with your thumbnail. The three finger grooves on the bottom of the handle do not evenly follow the contour of the tang, so that the amount of metal exposed varies.

    Ka-Bar 1444 Precision Hunter is a nice adaptation of the 152OT pattern with pleasing shape and size without being a direct copy.

    Ruko Products (importer and distributor) Buffalo, NY/Mississauga,ON. Farm & Ranch Skinning Knife is made of 440A Stainless Steel, has a 3 1/4 inch Skinning Blade, Simulated Stag Horn Handle Scales (152UH pattern),Genuine Leather Sheath and Limited Lifetime Warranty. Muela of Spain? Fox of Italy?

    These are all I have spotted so far, but others are sure to appear, especially since there are reportedly now three Chinese factories turning out copies and adaptations. Private branding is a sure bet, even beyond what is noted here.

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    I found the Winchester G9447 for $ 11.99 the other day. I've tried to beat the crap out of it, but it still seems to hold an edge. The torx head set screws for the handle was what prompted me to get it...I've got some nice aged hickory, and this spring I'm going to fashion some wooden grips.

    I'd like to know the metal make-up, it's listed as stainless with a teflon (I think) coating.

    I guess time will tell how well it holds up, because I've retired my original 152's to the gun safe.

    For 12 bucks, why not? It could be a nice camper piece once I get the handles done.

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    Add Ruko to the list.

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    Western (another Camillus company) also made (makes?) a version - WR31. They also made (make?) a version of the 158OT (WR32).

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    Correction to the previous post WR31 is the Western version of the 158OT and WR32 is the Western version of the 152OT (I had the numbers reversed).

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    Got it edited in Barry. Thanks!

    That is another one that had escaped my notice. I found it on some knife retailer sites, but it is not on the Camillus site. Perhaps the design was a short run before being discontinued?


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    Codger, here is a little more info. The Ruko Farm & Rancher Skinner is made of 440A steel @ a 56-58 Rockwell. I have a feeling that the Ruko knife may be the same knife (other than stamp) as the Ridge Runner Coyote. Also, if you get a chance, do an internet search and see if the Spyderco Moran Upswept Feather knife is close enough to be considered a variant and included in your list. As an aside, although the Ka-Bar knives are distinctive from the 152's in specific design, have your ever noticed how much they look like the Imperial Frontier fixed blades, particularly in handle shape?

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    Adding another clone. Coast, which looks a lot like the Ruko. Also comes in the cutout (in the blade) version. It says German d1.5 or 1.2, forget which one, stainless steel.

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    The Coast clones I have seen (without the cutout) are China made as are the Rukos. The Coast clones I have seen with the cutout have jigged bone handles are a completely differerent blade grind. I don't know where they are made. Ruko is very responsive and forthcoming with information. Coast has never answered a single e-mail I sent them. Its really sad; but, in my experience, some of the Chinese importers like Maxam and Ruko are much more business like in their dealings with customers than some of the U.S.A. companies like Camillus and Bear. Could it be that some of the U.S.A. companies are their own worse enemy?

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    Defensive rather than their own worst enemy Barry.Even the 'Fuller Brush man' would have found it difficult to sell Chinese brushes to US housewives!
    Wonder when the ancient and noble Chinese town of 'Usa' will appear so all knives can be labelled made in Usa! With the proliferation of all Schrade models now literally flooding the market the line of demarcation between USA and Chinese product is not only blurred but disappearing fast with all the manufacturers working every angle to move product and the second casualty has been business ethics.The first casualty was the Schrade name and quality left to the fate of the Chinese. Hoo Roo

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    Larry, the eBay Schrade Chinese ads that tickle me are when the seller puts red, white, and blue lines around the ad, a red, white, and blue Statute of Liberty in the ad, and a U.S.A. flag in the ad. He never says that its a U.S.A. made knife; but, talk about your subliminal advertising.

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