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    Knifemaking Suppliers List

    Heat Treatment - The Process and Principals of Quenching - by Kevin Cashen

    Working with Three types of Steel - by kevin Cashen

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    Hi Guys

    For the new and old, links to many Tutorials
    though no question is dumb or stupid many do become repetitive so I hope these links will save you time in some questions that just can't be put all on one thread,

    Knifemaking fact and fiction for new guys

    Helpful Hints Thread

    Is Edge packing a myth

    where in the world are you? find a maker near you

    who the heck are you on the BFC

    many Tutorials on making, how to build Forges, etchers and info on steel and heat treating and so much more can be found
    much of which are from makers that reside right here on BFC
    with many References to BFC threads

    Grinding Tips by Salem Straub -

    State by State Knife laws

    ************************************************** **
    Bolts where to get them.

    Canister welding by Bruce Bump
    Harley Chain to Double Edge Boot Knife

    customer related
    what do you do with a deal gone bad?

    Etching damasteel damascus with muriatic acid ?

    Stencil material, where to buy?

    ferric chloride, what is it
    where to get it, and other chemicals.

    definitions of file terms
    how to Draw File

    Flex. is it the same for heat treated steel as for untreated steel?
    by Kevin Cashen

    Folder tutorials
    by FilipDC

    Forging tools, handling hot steel

    Google Books:

    Grinding jig By Fred

    Grinding Horn and Ivory wet free to cool it..

    Air and Mechanical Hammers

    Handles pin/screw fitting take downs

    heating steel
    will over heating your blade while grinding hurt it?

    How To Tie a Lanyard Knot

    Over soaking steel, O1 by Kevin Cashen

    to soak 01 long or not to soak long.. grain size and heat

    Austempering, Marquenching, Isothermal, Advantages ?

    1095 heat treating
    5160 JDM5160 testing

    Leather, where to buy it?

    Lloyd Harding templates and ebook links

    making a knife in 60 min's

    MoKume how to make it by Ariel Salavererria using 101 1070 and Copper
    bladeforums frist thread
    2nd thread

    Micarta how to make it by Ariel Salavererria

    Micarta "Damascus" (Rag)
    how to make it
    by Ariel Salavererria

    Oil based quenchants - relative speeds

    oil Quenching
    oil Temp

    oil quenchant list by type with specs and prices

    The Two-legged Parser

    Patina for Brass, Bronze and Copper


    Photo taking, DIY Light box By Jim Coop

    Plating, with Gold

    making a press out of a log spliter

    How I Photograph Knives tutorials By PhilL;

    that links to How I Do Image Editing;
    Part II
    Part III
    I'm sorry I had to break it up, but BFC only allows 10 images per post

    On Ed Fowler's Knife Talk Forum the Image Editing is all on one thread.

    Satin Finish

    UV and IR light emitting from forges

    Stablizing soft wood
    by Ariel Salaverria

    to the UK

    Shop and knife tips

    Soldering a Guard

    what Steel should you use..
    This is a good place to start if you don't know what you want to use..

    steel spec's
    some good steel spec's

    Steel: What are the most popular used steels among knifemakers?..

    S30V...Is it the be all and end all?
    Mirror Polishing S30V

    Tang Stamping

    tapered tang & distal taper

    by Kevin Cashen

    Turkish-ish Twist, how to fourge By Nick Wheeler

    bainite ?

    How to wire a motor and a VFD

    Why VFDs Blow Up

    Water Quenching
    My Experiences Long Rifle
    Randal Graham
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