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Thread: Image Editing Tutorial

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    I joined this forum about a month ago. I'm not sure how to post pictures, there is a message at the bottom of the page reading that I may not post any attachments. Can you tell me what he deal is? How can I start posting pics?
    Hi Joe (?),

    Quick answer: You don't have a supporting (paying) membership to allow this.

    In-depth answer: All the info you need is on a sticky thread in our Photography Forum. Props to Bulgron for such a thorough tutorial.

    Click here: Posting photos on Bladeforums.

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    Thank to this post.

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    Ok, guys, I'd like to ask for an advice on how to deal with Chromatic Aberration/Color Fringes? Take this picture as an example:

    As you can see the problem is that any metal part has quite a lot colour fringes on it's edges. Probably because of the reflection screwing with the camera lense. This one was shot with a Sony H7.
    I'm using the aperture priority mode on any friend's cam that I have (I do not own any, unfortunately, which means I'm an utter beginner), because when I picture knives I prefer as shallow depth of field as possible as I take my shots outdoors and don't usually use a lightbox. In Photoshop I've tried the Lens Correction filter, but it did almost nothing. Any other technique in PS to help deal with this?

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    I just want to know how to post pics

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    For those still using Photoshop, especially the newer versions from 2014 and newer, there is a new added feature to create HDR images (high dynamic range). Essentially you need to take 5 or more picture of the knife using your camera on a tripod, with a different exposure setting for each image. Then Photoshop combines all the images together to give the best clarity, shadows, highlights, etc. and really makes the image pop. I've been experimenting with it and am quite happy with the results so far.

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