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Thread: Any opinions on MORK knives????

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    Any opinions on MORK knives????

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    These are knives made by a gentleman called Marion O. Richardson, a knifemaker with more than 30 years experience in knife making...

    anyone used or owned his knives and would like to let us know how they are?? He apparently uses sawmill steel or something like that, obviously non stainless, but that doesn't bother me.. in fact I like that in a bowie..

    by the way, he makes some really really nice bowies...

    any opinions at all???????

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    I would check with Robin Williams on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esav Benyamin View Post
    I would check with Robin Williams on that.
    Even if you like the knife shipping from Ork would be brutal. Interplanetary customs is a pain.

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    Is their tangstamp "Nanu Nanu"?
    "There is nothing more elemental to man than a campfire in the forest with red meat cooking in the coals and a sharp blade close at hand while the night shifts and turns" James Morgan Ayres

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    Very funny people......

    Hey, that's a real knife and a real person making it...

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    Links will help. There are so many acomplished knife makers out there that just aernt famous (not saying this gentleman falls into this catagory) that it may help get the ball rolling. Even if people do not know the man or his work first hand thery may be able to comment on pictures, prices, looks and materials used if they had his website addy.

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    That's the thing... not sure he has a website though... ran into his stuff on the bay....

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