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Thread: Just Images: CRK Folders! (Start other threads for comments)

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    Just Images: CRK Folders! (Start other threads for comments)

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    Ok, it's time to start a new best of the best thread. Post you woodies, uniques, Lisa's pick, custom sebenzas to this thread! I have some saved from a couple of previous threads and I'll slowly add them to the thread. I'll call CRK tomorrow and see if they will make this thread sticky.

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    Terrapin Flyer's Custom

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    A Lisa's pick:

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    Here is the small Sebenza to which I added Australian Silky Oak scales, and polished the hollow of the blade.

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    Yes, thanks Piter and Greg.

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    the "Eagle" CBB:
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    Ironwood Seb
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    From True North knives:

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    Neil gets some nice ones

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    Scott's Giraffe Bone inlay:
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    Well let me add to the list my two favorites:

    Small box elder inlaid Sebenza folder 2.94" BG-42 steel blade, made 2-03-99 (1 of 60 made first year for inlays) w/G2 (Gary Graley) pouch. This one because of not only it being a "first" from CRK, but the wood used is the same name of the hamlet adjacent to the military base I work at

    Large Sebenza folder, 3.625" BG-42 steel blade, made 8-17-98; modified by Matt Cucchiara 9-04 (blue heat colored, meltdown, “Fizz” elongated spiral galaxy decoration) w/G2 pouch. Matt's custom touches simply raise this one into the "something very special" category


    Not to be forgotten: James Mattis, Walt "Doc" Welch, Rob Simonich
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