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Thread: Sterile knives

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    Sterile knives

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    I have seen many Busse knives for sale that are called "sterile". I have learned that this simply means the blade lacks the Busse logo. Does this have any impact on the warranty or value of the knife? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to owning a sterile Busse?

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    some folks like the logo and some do not. the only way it may effect value is when a blade sneeks through not getting a logo making it a rarity and raising the value.

    i always take a sterile busse on missions to places where jerry has been before, God help me if they were to find out i drink with him


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    I think many combo's look better sterile. It does not effect anything about the price unless it's the situation Skunk described.

    Here's one combo I feel looks better sterile

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    Oh no, are you guys telling me I shouldn't be using those sterile punkin fatty wardens!?

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    Those sterile pumpkins won't be reproducing anytime soon.

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    Nice knife, Ken. I agree that it looks nice without the logo. I have its brother, plus a couple siblings:

    To the OP's question about warranty impact: Jerry marks all of his knives under the micarta/G10 so there is no question about a blade's provenance. Unless you hire someone to remove the slabs and grind the bejeezuz out of the tang region....

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