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Thread: Schrade john deere knife set

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    Schrade john deere knife set

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    On a recent trip to Iowa that I mentioned in another thread I came across a set of 5 knives in a wooden box schrade made for john deere in 1996 I believe give or take a year there. anyway I got a couple pics of them with my camera phone that I cannot figure out how to get to my computer. First I never knew schrade made knives for john deere and they were beautiful with a very interesting blade etch. The thing that make this set great was this guy had set # 001 which was marked on the box and the bolster of each knife. too bad he wanted a grand for the set or I would of been buying. they were scrimshaw style with pics of tractors working in the fields on the handles and the blades. it included 4 folders and a 152ot pretty neat if some one has a camera phone and can get the pics up I would be glad to send them but camera phone pics leave much to be desired. -Joel

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    LGIV lists a "Promac John Deer LB5 " from 1994, and a "John Deer 5OT" in 1995, but nothing later, I think it was published in 95 so there wouldn't be. The only way I could get pictures from my phone to my computer was to just e-mail them to myself.

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    I believe there were 1,000 of these sets made circa 1997.
    502SC - Harvester
    503SC - Man on tractor cutting hay
    505SC - Men on Two Tractors Towing Harvester
    507SC - Man plowing w horses
    513SC - Man on Dozer

    The five piece set was designated SC5LTDJD

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    Deere also did a couple more SFO's
    Larry H sent me these 3 pictures of a 2000 special
    to post.

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