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Thread: Is It Really That Time of Year Already?

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    Is It Really That Time of Year Already?

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    Here's a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale for you (I didn't shop either of those days so that's why I'm doing it now. )

    Rainier Scouts $87.50

    Rainier Belt Axe $147.50

    Place your order on the website, quantities are limited. Everything else, orders that are in house are being worked on and will ship before Christmas unless you've been otherwise notified.


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    Bear Mountain Tomahawk are Thieves

    I ordered a tomahawk and other items from them in March 2006. I still haven't received the merchandise, but they have sent me a bunch of excuses and promises that I would with free gifts for the "poor service". What a bunch of BS. Watch out for this company, they are a bunch of lying thieves.

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    TomahawkJoe, posts like that belong in GB&U not here, bad form.
    Dwayne Puckett still under construction
    The Armoralleather Sub Forum here on BF is live once again!!!
    "Your about to undo something that was done a long time ago"

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    Sorry to offend.
    What's GB&U?

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    Thumbs up adversity tries them

    (( spam spam whatever it am
    take it and bake it and stuff it and scram ))
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    Thanks for the quick banishment!

    Esav's on the prowl.

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