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Thread: Help me ID my sword please

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    Help me ID my sword please

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    I have had this old rusty sword for a decade. It was owned by my great grandfather. What kind is it?

    weyersberg stamm solingen

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    If you can't read the text clearly it's "Weyersberg & Stamm Solingen". I think this is the maker and location of production.

    My guess would be that it's an officer's sword from the late 1800s.

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    Weyersberg + Stamm, Solingen Germany made swords and bayonets for Germany + Austria mainly pre 1900.

    As your blade is not engraved or etched I would think that this probably not for an officer.

    I have a book on Hapsburg Monarchy Edged Weapons.

    The Austrian mounted artillery sabre 1877 is identical to your sword.

    The dimensions of this model are:-
    Length with scabbard 955 mm
    Length without scabbard 910 mm
    Blade length 766 mm
    Blade width 31 mm
    Weight 900 grams

    Are there any more markings on the sword ?

    Also – if you Google “Weyersberg + Stamm” – you will find quite a few references + illustrations of their work.

    I hope this helps

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