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Thread: Large list of older/rare knives w/ pictures...

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    Large list of older/rare knives w/ pictures...

    The following knives are for trade... they are all in like new condition.... Most of them dont have boxes unless noted ... Many of them have light scratches/brushing from shelf marks and storage.. .... None are used at all but most show light signs of ware,...... Descriptions are below each picture...

    Now trading seperatly...
    -Folders Only
    -Plain edge only
    -I like tactical and/or strong knives... I would like a folder for these.... High End production - Just Make a Offer, It doesnt hurt to ask.I may split things up if need be ... I like, Mini rukus, HK 14205.. Alias 1, ZT 0200 Lrg manix, Mini manix.. you get the idea...

    -Picture 1- Top to bottom
    1. Unknown Survival Blade.. Somes with sharpening stone/ survival kit in handle and a compass on the pommel.. Hairline crack on compass cover... Full leather sheath included
    2. Taylor Co. MCR-11 Handmade Japan... Tanto fixed blade with leather sheath. SOLD
    3. Parker Cutlery Co... Fixed blade with Ti-Ni polished finish.. Plastic Handle.. And Plastic/kydex sheath it clips into.. Japan
    4. Taylor/ Seto Bali Song- Golden Dragon- Japan In Box.. Huge.. Like a foot long...SOLD
    5. Standing Stone Cutlery.. R.M.S titanic #334 with writing on back of blade. Looks to be bone handle...

    Left- Mercator Germany on handle. Solengin Germany on blade... Lockback.. Looks to be all steel construction.. Wier German engraving with a K55 followed by a backward K And what looks to be a jaguar...
    Top- Franklin Mint Slip Joint in Leather Pouch.. 1970 Chevelle SS 454
    Next Row-3 from Parker Cutlery.. Steel Slip Joints... American Generals # 043 and #044.. 1 Born leader.. presidents pics...
    3rd Down- Parker Cutlery- Swing Guard type w/ that odd lock "Game Hunter" W/ bone handle
    Bottom- Parker Cutlery- "Derringer" lockback in the shape of a gun.
    First on right- C-1 Japan 1001?
    Far Right- Imperial Ireland- Barlow

    Picture 3-
    Top Left- Parker Cutlery- 1982 World Fair
    Top Right- Taylor Cutlery Co. "Compliments of the IRS" engraved on back. Japan
    1. Chinese lock back
    2. United Lock Back
    The rest are random Cheap ones...

    Bali Song- used in box China or Japan?

    Email or PM offers..
    [email protected]
    Matt B.
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    Now willing to trade them in smaller packages or seperatly...
    Just ask....
    -Taylor Dragon sold
    -Taylor MCR-11 sold

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