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Thread: Marbles No. 2 Safety axe parts

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    Marbles No. 2 Safety axe parts

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    Does anyone know if replacement handle grips are available for the Marbles No. 2 safety axe anywhere? I bought a No. 2 axe (hatchet) and the Bakelite grips were toast.(Pun intended!) I'd like to restore this little axe if it's still possible. Thanks!

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    Might be real hard to find. You might have to check with a knife maker and have some made. Or check knife maker supply co and make something yourself...
    Dusty One

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    Do not buy grips from It took me over a month to get them and they were the wrong size and very poor quality. I was just talking to another guy that said it took him 4 months and then returned them once to get a set that he could cut down and redrill to make them somewhat work.

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    You could get some Horse stall mat. A lot of cutting competition knife handles are made from the stuff. It would look similar, you can shape it. great grip and it's cheap I imagine. If you live in a farming area I bet you could get enough for nothing.



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