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Thread: Robert Hawk knives

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    Robert Hawk knives

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    Anyone have a Robert Hawk knife and if so how do you like it? Got a brochure and he is using O1 that's blued,cool designs.

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    Just received one

    Mine just came in the mail, and it is a work of art. Assuming that you think the drop point is the best all round woodsman blade, this might be as good as it gets. The debate about metals for blades is endless, but what I like is a softer, more resilient steel in the body of the blade, and a harder metal at the edge of the blade. Cold Steel has perfected this with their San Mai knives, and I consider their Master Hunter to be just about perfect for a production knife. Robert Hawk makes a hand made knife that he says is Rockwell 50 to 57 on the top of the blade, and 61 at the edge. The handle is flawlessly formed and riveted to the full tang blade. He also hand forms a great leather sheath from bridle leather, and includes a handy sharpener in the price.
    If you want corrosion resistance and a non-slip synthetic handle, go with the Master Hunter. But, if you want a sturdy, hand-crafted work of art with a wonderfully formed traditional handle that also happens to be a very good knife, and don't mind keeping it oiled, then I think you will like Robert Hawk's knife. It is a great value in an excellent, hand-made knife.

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