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    bill mayanrd

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    I am writing to let those of you who want a Bill Maynard knife to start trying to secure one of his knives. Bill is an excellent custom knife maker who has been making knives for over 20 years in Fayettville, N.C. He has sold countless knives to military personal serving throughout the world. His knives have an excellent reputation for quality and durability. You almost never see one of his knives up for resale or auction. Most individuals who own his knives tend to hold on to them. Bill makes all of his knives and sheaths by hand using the stock removal method. He primary uses 440C. He has used other steels but has found this stainless alloy to meet and exceed all the needs of troops serving in the field. I have purchased several of his knives and have been well pleased with the craftsmanship and quality of his work. If there are others who have had a chance to own one his knives please let me know. I would like to hear about any of your experiences with his knives.

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    I have a pretty cool knife made by Bill Maynard, that I acquired here in the forum. I like it a lot. And it was really cheap, relatively speaking, definitely in the range of highish end production. I bring it out there with me sometimes when the Takeda stays home.
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    Sere Knife

    The knife from the pictures you sent appears to be Bill's Sere knife. There is a long story behind that knife. Usually you do not see one of his knives up for sale anywhere. People who purchase his knives tend to keep them. Bill sells many knives to operators and various military personnel alike. About three years ago I had him make a far surperior version of the Gerber BMf minus the saw teeth. The knife had a satin finish with a 9" blade that was 1" 1/2" wide. The linen micarta scales were fasten by three stainless steel screws. There is not another one like it. This is the only one Bill has ever made. He made it clear he would never make another one like it. The sheath hand tie down attachments with dual retention straps and a puch to hold a sharpining stone or small folder, all made of perminum leather. Currenty, I have asked him to make his version of the Chris Reeves Green Beret knife. It is not a straight copy. There are many differences that make this a far superior knife in handling, feel, and function. I can confidently say that this knife with his changes, can certainly be calimed as his own unique creation. If you gave me three Chris Reeve Green Beret knives I would not trade. I have also asked him to make a knive called the Edgy. It is a small tactical knife with a 4" blade with serrations on the top portion of the clip. Fit, feel, and funtion are top notch.

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    Hey thanks for the background on my knife.

    I looked around for info on Bill Maynard after I saw one of his knives pictured in Knives Illustrated. Once I saw that knife I bought in the forum, I didn't hesitate and I'm glad I didn't.

    I did find that the edge was formed in a way to make it more durable, (thick!) so it wasn't that sharp. I took the bevels down from the top of the grind and rolled in a convex edge. It is now quite efficient. The blade material was very easy to work with, so I'm not surprised to find out it's 440c.

    I'll have to modify the handle a bit though; the finger choil is too small. A little elbow grease and a file will get er just right.

    With all these mods, I've obviously decided this knife is a keeper. I think I'll even make a sheath for it, (the one it came with, while durable and well made, is super heavy). This knife lives in my day pack, but I often bring it hiking. It's a real pleasure to use.

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    Some more info.

    I talked to Bill today about your knife. It is his Sere knife. He has three versions of it. Model F110 is the 5" 1/2" version. Model F111 is the 6" version. Model F112 is the 7" inch version. Model F112R is a 7 inch version with a recurved blade. Bill will make mods to his knives to suit customer needs. I recently asked him to make some mods to his LST knife that would make the knife more suited to my hand type. He had no problems with making the mods. I have had him make necessary mods to his sheaths to suit my purposes. He recently made a knife in collaboration with a U.S. Army jumpmaster. The knife is called the Jumpmaster! At this moment the models I listed (F110-F112R) run between $230 to $300!! Prices are subject to change based on materila costs. Steel costs are going up! He has always kept his prices low so that U.S troops in the area could afford an excellet quality knife. He has and does make other models that cost between $600 to $800. Thoose knives are geared more to collectors. My version of the Gerber BMF cost well above $300. The knife, if currently made today would cost between $600 to $700 based on Bill's estimates. I have asked him to make a Sere F112R with slight mods, scheduled to be completed in Jan 09. I have three other models scheduled to be completed in Nov 2008. Only one knife I am having made does not have mods to it. That knife will belong to my wife. She had a chance to hold a version of this knife and was well pleased with its fit, feel, and finish.

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    Another excellent knife maker

    I would also highly recommend Martin knives as a source meeting your knife needs. Martin knives makes some excellent hand made knives in many different platforms and configurations. In 2006, I asked Eddie Martin of Martin Knives if they could make versions of the knives made by Jimmy life for both the first and second Rambo movies. (I know nine inch and 10 inch blades have some praticality issues) (I also know that there is always an inherent weakness in the construction of a hollow handle knife) However, Martin knives nailed the construction down. They are solid and without a doubt equal to or greater in construction and quality to the original jimmy lile knives. The knives Martin knives are not straight copies! The knives are 9/32" think vs 1/4". The oringinal by Lile were made of 440c or D2. The Prototypes were 440C (which I have) and the newest incarnations are made of 154CPM. The way that the blades are attached into the handle are entirely different. More of the tang goes into the hande on the Martin knife than the life knife. The blade designs are different on the lile and the martin knives. The way that the cord is wrapped around the handle is also done differenlyt. Martin knives has done a better, more pratical job of wrapping. We discussed all differences and needs for making them prior to construction. I fell like they have a more efficient product. They no longer make their version of the knife used in Rambo II. Please check out their knives at

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    I just checked out the site. Lookin good
    I also measured the Maynard knife I have and it's just over 8" to where the handle starts.
    It's great that there are guys out there running small operations and getting repeat customers through reputation, turning out quality and good value.
    I love it too, but sometimes the 'collectible' knives I see so much of wear a little thin, knowing they are mostly so far out of my economy, and thusly beyond my capability to potentially own and/or use.

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    contact info

    What is Bill's contact info? Does he have a website?

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    Contact info

    Bill does not have a website. His contact number on his business card is (910) 425-1615 In the United States.

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    Just so everyone is aware, Bill Maynard died Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017. Another fine gentleman from a better age, a Godly man who also was an expert craftsman and a fun person. His renown is worldwide because of his passion for supplying soldiers and operatives with his quality creations. He will be missed, and fondly remembered.

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    I get the sentiment, but let's not necromance threads.
    Perfectly acceptable to start a new thread when a knife maker dies, especially in this forum

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