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Thread: what does SOG stand for?

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    what does SOG stand for?

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    does anyone know what SOG st ands for? i have never been able to find out what it means! lol

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    Special Operations Group. Bill

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    I have heard 2 answers.
    Special Operations Group
    Studies & Observations Group

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    special operations group specialty knives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LohGong View Post

    special operations group specialty knives?
    I believe SOG stood for Studies and Observations Group back in the Vietnam era but now it stands for Special Operations Group and thats why they make the seal line of least my take on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsrb32 View Post
    I believe SOG stood for Studies and Observations Group back in the Vietnam era but now it stands for Special Operations Group and thats why they make the seal line of least my take on it
    I went to the sog website and found this:

    The SOG Story

    SOG originally stood for Studies and Observation Group, an elite joint services military group designed for covert operations in the Vietnam War. Sanctioned to develop and purchase their own equipment, SOG created a knife for use in one of the harshest environments in the world. It is in the spirit of this elite group that SOG Specialty Knives was founded.

    Totally committed to creating the world's finest specialized knives and tools, SOG became the first knife manufacturer to expand its line to include a broad scope of fixed blades, folding knives and multipurpose tools. Each product is created by Founder and Chief Engineer, Spencer Frazer. His patented inventions and unique, futuristic style have earned SOG many awards and Frazer the recognition as an industry innovator and premier designer.

    Today, SOG products are distributed around the world and renowned for their uncompromising style and performance.

    MACV/SOG History

    SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, Inc. was named in honor of the Vietnam War's only covert special warfare unit-The Studies and Observation Group. Its existence was once denied by the US Government and it wasn't until long after the war that the SOG Story could even be told.

    The following is an excerpt from US ELITE FORCES-VIETNAM by Leroy Thompson that further describes the nature of this specialized group and its secret missions.

    Separate from "conventional," unconventional operations of the 5th Special Forces Group were the clandestine operations of Military Assistance Command Vietnam/Studies and Observations Group (MACV/SOG). The Studies and Observation Group (SOG) was a cover name to disguise SOG's real function, and the name "Special Operations Group," as it was sometimes called, described its real mission more accurately.
    Activated in January of 1964, SOG was a joint services unit composed of members from all four branches of the armed forces, including Navy SEALs, Marine Recons, Air Force Special Operations pilots of the 90th Special Operations Wing, but predominantly Army Special Forces.

    MACV/SOG's missions included: cross border operations into Cambodia, Laos and North Vietnam to carry out intelligence gathering or raiding missions on the enemy's 'home ground'; gathering intelligence about POWs and carrying out rescue missions when possible; rescuing downed aircrews in enemy territory ("Bright Light" missions); training, inserting, and controlling agents in North Vietnam to gather intelligence or form resistance groups; carrying out 'black' Psy Ops such as operating fake broadcasting stations inside North Vietnam; kidnapping or assassinating key enemy personnel; retrieving sensitive document so equipment lost in enemy territory or in enemy hands; and inserting rigged mortar rounds or other booby-trapped ordnance in enemy arms caches (OPERATION ELDEST SON).

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    ooooh i see!! i should look harder next time haha thanks jetsrb32

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsrb32 View Post
    I have heard 2 answers.
    Special Operations Group
    Studies & Observations Group
    It stands for "Studies & Observations Group",,not Special Operations Group.,,VWB.

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    yup thanks haha

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    It did cross my mind that once you start buy SOG Knives, you would be... So Over Girls?!!

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    L OL! hey yeah that could be one version too :P

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    jetsrb32, The first identified declassified reference was MAC-V-SOG. This stood for Military Assistance Command-Vietnam-Studies and Observations Group. Started in late 1966 early 1967, MAC-V SOG was a covert group of US special forces that conducted operations in Laos and Cambodia, along with operations in North Vietnam. They also worked with and trained South Vietnamese Special Forces. With command and control coming from the CIA, and desiring no official identification, many of the knives used were made in country, with no identifying marks or logos. Within the past few years, certain commemorative knives, such as the 5th Special Forces Group (Abn), Da Nang 1969-1971, and others have been commissioned for manufacture. A google search will yield a lot of information on MAC-V-SOG's history, and the commemorative pieces available today.

    I am not certain of the present day SOG company and their involvement in the Southeast Asia theater. I hope Chris will address this further.

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    thanks spx

  14. SOG Specialty Knives and Tools had no involvement with the Vietnam era knives. We have only been in business since 1986. The company was started by producing a replica of the bowie knife used by the MAC-V-SOG forces. From there we expanded the line to what it is today.

    That is a short history of SOG knives.

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    ooooh wow cool

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    And that Spencer Frazer was a collector of genuine Nam SOG bowies long before he started the knife business?!

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    Something about CISO and CCN ,CCS and MAC-V-SOG kinda like CIA in Vietnam, wow thats alot of abbreviations.

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    Haha mystery solved! The SOG web site has a lot of useful knowledge on it. It's actually how I found you guys!

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    ye ah ahha i always go there to look at the knives i can never get :P

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    Correct answers obviously above...just surprised no one was a smarty ass like me

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