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Thread: The Bunk

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    The Bunk

    THat's what Andy calls it anyway.

    It may not be the prettiest knife he has made, but it performs superbly and I have other uglier knives.

    I didn't beat on it as much as I wanted to, but I plan on giving it a thorough work out soon enough.

    From the tasks I did give it; I am more than happy with this knife.

    Thanks for the great deal Andy

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    Nice lookin' knife. Nice review also. I gotta get me a Fiddleback some day....

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    Good stuff Tony. Thats a great blade, I am glad its seeing the use it deserves!

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    what isn't pretty about that? I think Nessmuks are ugly. That is nice.

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    I'm glad to see it getting used too. Thats the point of selling bunks.

    The only thing wrong with that knife is the front pin. Its not quite centered and I burnt the damn micarta during shaping.

    I also used some thinner micarta on it, which I wasn't too happy with.
    Who cares what I just said. Please go learn about SuperBen, he needs the knifemaking community.

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    great pics tony... that is a cool looking blade... i like that one a lot...

    what are the specs...

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    Just goes to show, even a knife that does not meet Andy's standards is still a hell of a good knife! I wouldn't mind a bunker myself, that way I could beat the hell out of it and not care.

    Nice pics Tony, thanks for sharing.

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